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Are you that perfect fitting brand?

ZILIO will help your online shoppers finally understand garment fit and choose the perfect size the first time around.

Launching soon.

Get in touch and join the waitlist today. ✌️

Make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Bring back certainty.

Garment sizing has been the biggest pain point for online shoppers for a long time. Break the cycle and give your shoppers the confidence to shop for clothes online.

Stop the waste.

Every year in the U.S alone, 5 Million tonnes of returns either get burnt, or end up in landfills. Not only does the high number of returns bleed profit margins dry, but it's also destroying our world.

Build Loyalty.

The perfect shopping experience goes beyond the shopping journey - it's wearing the brands that fit perfectly time and time again. Be that brand for your customers.

"40% of online purchases are returned due to sizing issues."

TIME Magazine

There is nothing more frustrating than for a customer than to wait for their new outfit to arrive in the mail, just to have it not fit. Not only does this leave a bad taste in your customer's mouth after shopping with with your brand, but it also eat into your profit margins when they inevitably return their ill-fitting clothes.

State of the Art

The most comprehensive and powerful Virtual Fitting Room solution for garment fit.

Why partner with ZILIO?

Garment Digitization

ZILIO will create digital-twins of your garments for your customers to try on and find their perfect fit.

100% Web-based

ZILIO's Virtual Fitting Room is purely web-based, meaning that there's no need for your customers to download an app.

Seamless Shopify Integration

With ZILIO's new Shopify plugin, it's now easier and faster to integrate ZILIO into your store than ever before.

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