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360° Garment Fit

ZILIO's Virtual Fitting Room will let you understand how garments will fit in every single size with measurements, heatmaps and garment-hem outlines.


The Art of Fit.

Garment fit is an intricate art - talk to any fashion designer or tailor and they'll tell you the same thing. This is why we created ZILIO's Virtual Fitting Room, a platform that lies in the online stores of brands for shoppers to find their perfect fitting clothes.

Our Virtual Fitting Room

The ultimate solution to garment fit the world has been asking for.

Perfect Fit Guide

The Fit Guide feature takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect size. Now you can translate your garment fit measurements and see if they're too loose, too tight or just the right fit - based on the Fashion Designer's own recommendations.

Smartphone Body-Scanning

Scan your body and create your 3D ZILIO Avatar in seconds with our new Smartphone Body-Scanning technology.

New updates coming soon!

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