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About Us

Empowered by the transformative potential of fashion, Anthony, Andrew, and Mike embarked on a journey inspired by the profound impact of well-fitted garments. Working with major fashion brands, they witnessed firsthand the confidence and self-expression that a perfectly fitting outfit could instill.

Their love for fashion deepened as they experienced personal transformations through style. Passionate about the self-expression and unique style that fashion can offer, the trio recognized that, in the digital era, e-commerce serves as a gateway for people to access fashion on an unprecedented global scale.

However, a significant hurdle impedes this vision – the uncertainty surrounding online garment sizing. Aware that fear of inaccurate sizes hinders most people from embracing the convenience of online shopping, ZILIO is on a mission to revolutionize the digital fashion landscape.


Our goal is to bridge the gap, using innovative technology to bring the world and fashion together, fostering confidence, self-expression, and style through the perfect fit.

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