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About Us

Who we are

Fashion has the ability to bring out the best in people. It has the power to give a person confidence when they need it the most, self-expression to tell the world who they are, and the potential to achieve their wildest dreams by dressing for the job they want - metaphorically speaking.


Anthony and Andrew saw this with their own eyes from their time working with some of the biggest brands in Fashion. They would see clients transform before their eyes after putting on that perfect fitting shirt or outfit from being uncertain and shy to confident and ready to take on the world.

It was this empowerment that they saw happen over and over again and was also why they fell in love with Fashion - because it did the same for them too.


Now with online shopping and the digitization of fashion brands all over the world, the opportunities are endless for people to find their own style and build upon that. 

Unfortunately, because of the confusion around garment sizing and fit in online shopping, people either avoid purchasing online or religiously purchase 10 items, just to return 8. 

Understanding the potential of what Fashion and eCommerce can offer the world, the ZILIO team is on a mission to solve the uncertainty around garment sizing and fit in online shopping and help bring people one step closer to finding true confidence, self-expression and identity in the world through the power of Fashion.

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