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ZILIO is a Virtual Fitting Room solution that integrates into the online stores of Fashion Labels that helps shoppers understand garment fit and choose their perfect sizes when they shop online with their personalized ZILIO Avatars.

What is ZILIO?

ZILIO’s virtual fitting room feature will be embedded inside the online stores of our partner brands. Simply visit those websites and click the ‘TRY IT ON - powered by ZILIO’ button.

How can I use ZILIO?

Nope! Once you’ve created a ZILIO account and avatar with one partner brand, you’ll be able to use your ZILIO avatar in the online stores of all partner brands.

Do I have to make a new avatar for every brand?

ZILIO accurately shows how garments will fit across all sizes with coloured heatmaps, garment fit measurements and garment hem outlines. ZILIO does this by working closely with the brand to gather all the data points around the measurements of the garment to guarantee a high level of garment fit accuracy.

How does ZILIO work?

ZILIO is 100% web-based. This means that shoppers won’t need to download an app to find their perfect fits with ZILIO. Simply visit the online store of one of our partner brands on the browser of your computer, smartphone or tablet and you’ll be able to find ZILIO integrated inside the website.

Do I have to download an app to use ZILIO?

ZILIO is absolutely free to use for shoppers. No hidden costs. Nothing.

How much does it cost to use ZILIO as a shopper?

ZILIO’s fit technology is very accurate as we use the garment measurements and data points from the manufacturing and supply chain process. However, there may be inaccuracies sometimes due to manufacturing errors, dye shrinking or mislabeling. Because of this, ZILIO’s Fit Technology should only be taken as a guideline only and not the strict truth.

How accurate is ZILIO’s Fit Technology?

We understand that personal data is a sensitive area and we work hard to treat it with such respect. We will only use data to help optimize and improve customer experiences and technology for ZILIO and its partnered brands.

What happens to my ZILIO data?

There are two ways - smartphone body-scanning or manual measurements from a tape measure. Although we recommend using our Smartphone body-scanning feature to save time!

How do I create a ZILIO Avatar?

Nope! Your images will be deleted once your body measurements are extracted from your images by ZILIO's automated AI-driven system.

What happens to my photos from the smartphone body-scanning?



Brands have done an incredible job in crafting beautiful UI/UX experiences for the online shopping journey for shoppers. However, no one has managed to escape the death-grip of confusion around garment sizing and fit that shoppers often come across. This can come in the form of low conversions, high returns and low cart abandonment rates.


By partnering with ZILIO, you are taking the step towards offering a complete and immersive online shopping experience for your customers, building loyalty and satisfaction from.

Why should I partner up with ZILIO?

ZILIO's Virtual Fitting Room focuses strongly on fit, and not look. Because of this, ZILIO's solution provides the most amount of detail around garment fit in a way that helps shoppers understand what size suits them the most on a very intricate level. As novel as dressing yourself visually can be, that's not the reason why 30% of online purchases are returned. It's the confusion around garment fit and ZILIO is tailored towards solving that.

How is ZILIO different to other Sizing Solutions?

ZILIO offers a website plugin for brands to offer ZILIO's Virtual Fitting Room to their customers. To integrated ZILIO into your online store, simply reach out to to start the conversation with our team. We're currently only focusing on brands with Shopify stores but will be expanding into other platforms soon.

How do I put ZILIO onto my online store?

ZILIO's commercial pricing structure is not currently available to the public. We're currently working closely with our Pilot Brands to develop this offer.

What's the cost to integrate ZILIO into my online store?

ZILIO is currently focusing on integrating into Pant and Jean styles of clothing for the upcoming launch. However, we'll be expanding this range very soon.

Can ZILIO integrate with all garment types in my store?

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