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The Trillion-Dollar Returns Problem

It’s no secret that the returns problem in online shopping is BIG. In fact, it’s a Trillion-Dollars BIG.


The numbers back this up. 1 in 3 online purchases is being returned, with 70% of those returns related to sizing, fit or style.


Not only do shoppers hate this, but it's also bleeding the profit lines of businesses as well.

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It's the only way of the future.

Bettina Liano

Owner & Fashion Designer

By Bettina Liano

ZILIO makes me confident in purchasing clothes online, especially since I always struggle with finding good fitting jeans. I may be biased because I'm tech-savvy but even mym who's terrible with technology also understood it really well too!

Stephanie F.


Cosmic Skin Clinic

I would use ZILIO for everything I buy because you never know the fit.

Stephanie M.

High School Teacher

It’s a love-hate kind of thing.

We all love online shopping, yet most of us hate shopping online. Riddle me that.


Online shopping is amazing. It gives people access to any fashion brand in the world, creating more opportunities for people to find self-expression, beauty and confidence in themselves through fashion than ever before. The world really is your oyster, until those cool, manly gym shorts that you ordered ends up fitting you like a snug pair of cute booty shorts (although I must admit, I’d like to think that I pulled them off pretty well).


Real talk - no one knows how anything fits when they shop online and it ruins the online shopping experience for everyone, and that’s not okay. Especially when you know the potential online shopping has to offer. So, here’s to changing the game of online shopping. Here’s to no more surprise booty shorts.

Anthony Kwok
CEO & Co-Founder
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The Environment

In 2019, an article by Forbes brought to light that due to 17 billion items being returned yearly, we're producing 4.7 million metric tonnes of CO2 every year.

The pandemic has also made this worse in recent years. In the United States alone, 5 Billion Pounds of returned goods ended up in landfills (The Guardian, 2020).

Not only is confusion around garment sizing creating headaches for shoppers and businesses, but unfortunately, it's also killing our world.

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How we're solving the problem. 💡

The confusion around garment sizing in online shopping creates a tonne of problems, ranging from poor shopping experiences and inefficiencies for businesses to harming the planet with detrimental environmental consequences.


This is why our mission at ZILIO is to solve the confusion around garment sizing in online shopping. Our focus is to paint a full picture of how a garment will fit on a body in every single size for online shoppers.


Garment fit is an intricate art, and we're here to paint that picture for you. ✌️

Launching soon!

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