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The perfect fit. Everytime.

Online shopping is amazing. It gives people the power to shop with any fashion brand in the world, and the best thing is you can live your best life and shop for your next best thing from the comfort of wherever you are. The world is your oyster. But it’s all fun and games until those cool, manly gym shorts you ordered ends up fitting like a cute pair of booty shorts (to be fair though, I think I pulled them off pretty well).

Let’s talk real for a minute, no one knows how anything fits when they shop online, and that’s not okay. Which is why we’re developing the technology to let shoppers see exactly how clothes fit on their bodies when they’re shopping online. So here’s to changing the game of online shopping. Here’s to no more surprise booty shorts. 🙂
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Anthony Kwok
CEO & Co-founder

How it works

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Choose an item in the online store of a partnered Fashion Label and click "TRY IT ON".

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Create your ZILIO MODEL or sign into your existing account.

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Try the garment on with your ZILIO MODEL and find your perfect size & fit.

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I’m so sick of wasting time and money buying and returning when things don’t fit, it ruins the convenience of online shopping and turns me off buying again.
The one thing missing from online shopping experiences is that touch of personalization to help you find the right style, size and and fit for you. Zilio’s AR technology changes everything, and is exactly what the world of online shopping needs. It helps me to find the right size and fit and will minimize the need for returns, maximizing sales for the business and convenience for the customer!

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Ebony Santin

Fashion Specialist

ZILIO will be the solution to all online issues. Forever struggling with returns due to wrong sizing or change of mind? ZILIO can help ease the decision-making process and change the way you shop forever. Can't wait to be apart of this amazing technology to help my business reach new heights and provide my customers with the reassurance they need when buying products online. The ZILIO team has been amazing to work with and are always there to help my business reach its goals.

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Steven Lamberty

Fashion Retail Owner


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