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Size Matters.

Make it simple for online customers to find their perfect-fitting sizes.

Sizing Scares Shoppers

Garment sizing uncertainty from online customers kills sales.

Enhance conversion rates by making it simple for online customers to pick the perfect sizes.



Conversion Rate

Add to Cart Rate



* ZILIO users compared to storewide average.

Turn traffic into conversions.

Reduce Wasteful Returns

Help your customers buy the right sizes., the first time around.

Minimise Returns by precisely matching your customers to the perfect-fitting size with every garment in your online store.

15 Million Tonnes

CO2 Emissions

5 Billion Pounds

In Landfill

Every year in the U.S alone, from returns.

Our supporters

What they're saying

It's the only way of the future.

Bettina Liano

Owner & Fashion Designer

By Bettina Liano

ZILIO makes me confident in purchasing clothes online, especially since I always struggle with finding good fitting jeans.

Stephanie F.


Cosmic Skin Clinic

I would use ZILIO for everything I buy because you never know the fit.

Stephanie M.

High School Teacher

Launching soon!

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